Labour Students National Committee

Labour Student is made up of a committee that includes the three National Officers who oversee the day-to-day running of the organisation, as well as representatives from across the country and Liberation Officers who represent the five liberation campaigns in Labour Students.

National Officers:

National Chair: Rania Ramli

National Secretary: Jessica Raspin

National Committee:

  Vice Chair Campaigns & Policy: Angus Reilly

Vice-Chair Events & Communications: Sarah-Jane Smyth

BAME Officer: Jack Galea

Disabled Students’ Officer: Terence Smith

LGBT+ Officer: Liam Deary

Women’s Officer: Lily Madigan

Trans Officer: Arthur Webber

Chair of Welsh Labour Students: Shaun Bendle

East Midlands Regional Coordinator: Polly Swain

Eastern Regional Coordinator: Liam Deary

London Regional Coordinator: Ansh Bhatnagar

South East Regional Coordinator: Rosie Sourbut

West Midlands Regional Coordinator: Nathan Boroda

Further Education Rep: Robin Auty

International Rep: Eda Cazimoglu

National Policy Forum Rep: Dan Bewley

NEC Youth Rep: Lara McNeill

NUS Group Leader: Viljo Wilding


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