The work Labour Students does in the National Union of Students is vital in ensuring that Labour Values are represented in the student movement. The support they give to members like me to stand up and be heard in NUS or in Students’ Union elections is invaluable.

Robbie Young
NUS Vice President (Society & Citizenship)

You can contact the Labour Students NUS Group Leader, Robbie Young using the contact details on the National Committee page.

Labour Students is active in the National Union of Students because we share common values with the student movement, and we believe that the student movement does best when it is working from Labour values. Labour Students operates openly in NUS and our candidates are upfront about their politics, because we believe in equality and social justice.

Over the last few years Labour Students in NUS have led on campaigns at all levels and in all parts of the organisation. From delegates on conference floor setting the direction of the national union to full-time officers leading ground-breaking campaigns, across the country and in liberation campaigns it is Labour Students who are at the heart.

We run candidates because we believe that Labour values are the values that will win for students. Labour Students democratically selects candidates to stand in NUS elections and our candidates are proud to stand as part of the most progressive organisation in student politics.


Democracy, equality and diversity are at the foundation of NUS and the Labour Students NUS group works to ensure these values remain front and centre.

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