We are thrilled to have Gloria De Piero MP as honorary President of Friends of Labour Students. 


Gloria has been a huge advocate for Labour Students. Here she lays out why she’s proud to support the great work Labour Students does.

Labour Students do fantastic work at universities and colleges up and down our country.

Whether it’s campaigning for the living wage or maintenance grants, getting Labour candidates elected in NUS, or playing a leading role in the fight for Britain to stay in Europe – they put in a monumental amount of effort that we should all be proud of.

That’s why I’m delighted to have been asked to be the Honorary President of Friends of Labour Students.

Throughout my time as Shadow Minister for Young People and Voter Registration I spent time talking about the importance of getting students registered to vote and have their voices heard, and there’s no better avenue for that in our party than Labour Students.

They’ve run voter registration days, canvassed student halls, and of course campaigned tirelessly on the doorstep. From campuses to the Commons, Labour Students has encouraged engagement and activism amongst students across the country. I’m proud to have been a Labour Student and proud to be a Friend of Labour Students.

But to continue all this excellent work it’s vital that Labour Students are given the support they need. You’ve all seen their volunteers at annual conference, shaking buckets and selling speeches all so they can continue their campaigning efforts. The contributions we can make don’t end there. We can tweet, visit our local universities and colleges and of course show our support by donating to Friends of Labour Students.

The support we give does not go unnoticed. From Bathgate to Brighton, I have been joined on the doorstep by Labour Students up and down the country. Their reputation as the party’s best campaigners is not something they take lightly. Labour Students are rightly proud of the contribution they make, and I’m proud of their dedication.

Gloria x “

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