The election of National Chair, National Secretary, Campaigns & Membership Officer, Vice-Chair (Campaigns & Policy), Vice-Chair (Events& Communications), National Policy Forum Representative, International Officer and Regional Coordinators will take place via One, Member, One Vote (OMOV).

Voting will be online via the Electoral Reform Services, with ballots sent by email. Voting will open at 12pm 25th February and close at 12pm 7th March, with results announced soon after.

Below you will find a list of candidates running for each position as well as their manifesto, if they chose to submit one. 

Re- Open Nominations (RON) is also a candidate in each position.

National Chair

National Secretary 

Campaigns and Membership Officer 

Vice Chair Campaigns and Policy 

Vice Chair Events and Communication 

International Officer

National Policy Forum Representative 

Regional Coordinators 

East Midlands Regional Coordinator 

Eastern Regional Coordinator 

London Regional Coordinator

South East Regional Coordinator 

South West Regional Coordinator

Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Coordinator

West Midlands Regional Coordinator

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