The following motion was passed at the Labour Students National Committee meeting on 23rd August.

Proposer: Eda Cazimoglu

Seconder: Sarah-Jane Smyth

This committee notes: 

  • There are many benefits of EU membership that we’ve all enjoyed, such as peace, trade, investment, jobs, workers rights, academic and scientific cooperation and stronger environmental protection 
  • Particular benefits to students and academics that are at risk are freedom of movement and funding for research. 
  • Labour Students campaigned passionately to remain in the EU and launched Labour Students in for Britain.
  • Many students today didn’t get a vote in the 2016 referendum.
  • At our conference last year, Labour Students campaigning for a People’s Vote became official Labour Students policy and since then LS has partaken in Peoples Vote Campaigning such as the recent march & advertising and having a block at future events, and producing joint materials. 
  • Labour Students proudly and undoubtedly support a public vote on Brexit. 

This committee believes:  

  • The Leave, Fight, Transform (LeFT)  campaign is not representative of Labour members
  • The LeFT campaign promotes severance from the treaties, institutions and the laws of the EU
  • They offer nothing beyond being another fringe group, which promotes a position in contradiction to that of the leadership of the Labour Party.
  • We are rapidly approaching a no deal brexit, and the emergence of this last minute campaign is nothing more than political distraction
  • A no deal brexit throws migrants under the bus, alongside any remaining say the UK has over their treatment. A no deal brexit will harm workers, communities and industries. A no deal brexit will breach the good Friday agreement and throw Ireland into chaos. 
  • There is nothing left wing or socialist about taking action and supporting a campaign that will promote racism, promote division and harm others. 

This committee resolves:  

  • To condemn the LeFT Campaign
  • To continue to campaign for a Public Vote on any deal
  • To campaign for remain in a referendum 
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