The following motion was passed at the Labour Students National Committee meeting on 23rd August.

Proposer:Nathan Boroda (West Midlands regional coordinator)
Seconder:Jack Galea (BAME officer)

The Committee Notes: 

1. The presence of antisemitism in the Labour Party, including University Labour Clubs. 
2. That the Labour Party is being investigated for antisemitism by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. 
3. That members of the GMB demanded that the party apologise for its response to the 10th July Panorama documentary. 

The Committee Believes:

1. That the Jewish Labour Movement deserves our full and complete solidarity. 
2. That the very fact that the party is being investigated by the EHRC is an immense cause of shame to our movement. 
3. That the ‘whistleblowers’ on the Panorama documentary are incredibly brave and deserve an apology from the party for their experiences. 

The Committee Resolves: 

1. To encourage all Labour Clubs to invite their members to join the Jewish Labour Movement. 
2. To co-operate with the Equality and Human Rights Commission Enquiry on any issues of antisemitism pertaining to Labour Clubs. 
3. To request that the party makes its submission to the Equality and Humans Rights Commission Enquiry available to the National Executive Committee.
4. To express our solidarity with the ‘whistleblowers’ who appeared on the Panorama documentary.

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