Racism and the far-right are on the rise and we can’t afford to be complacent in the fight for our values.

That’s why this year Labour Students will be working with Hope Not Hate to deliver training workshops to Labour Clubs across the country.

The far right has been beaten at the ballot box, but is winning the war online. Social media is awash with far-reaching messages of hate and tackling it can be challenging, stressful and occasionally even dangerous. Incorporating HOPE not hate’s cutting-edge research into the far right online, digital messaging and techniques for tackling it, as well as practical and interactive exercises created by the HOPE not hate team, this workshop will equip you with some skills and tactics to help you wipe hate from the web.‘ – Hope Not Hate

Fill in this form to request a workshop at your Labour Club and get in touch with labourstudents@labourstudents.org.uk if you have any questions!

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