Robin Auty, Labour Students FE Rep

I am excited to announce the launch of the Labour Students Further Education Network!

There is so much more that Labour Students can be doing to engage students at FE colleges and make sure they feel able to get involved and that’s what this network will aim to do. Dismantling the barriers and expanding our outreach will be vital in making our movement as diverse and inclusive as possible.

Whether it’s underesourced or non-existent student unions, a lack of awareness about Labour Students or an assumption that the organisation caters only towards universities, there are a range of things which prevent FE students from getting involved. This needs to change.

And a centralised network will be the first step in making that happen. By bringing together FE colleges, providing them with resources and establishing clear communications, I hope that this will encourage and enable more FE colleges to get involved in Labour Students than ever before.

Our priorities for the next few months will be on:

  • Distributing resources and freshers’ materials to as many FE colleges as possible
  • Visiting FE colleges at their freshers’ fairs and explaining more about Labour Students and how they can get involved
  • Connecting FE colleges in the same region and enabling them to work together
  • Holding a FE conference to allow students to come together, share ideas and develop campaigns that are specific to FE students

Let us know if you have any other ideas or suggestions for the FE Network going forward, want resources for your colleges or would like us to come along to your freshers’ fair!

You can get in touch via

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