Please find below a short statement on Labour Students’ upcoming elections.

This year, Labour Students is finally implementing ‘One Member, One Vote’ (OMOV). This is entirely in line with our constitution, which was democratically and overwhelmingly decided by National Conference. Despite the challenges of implementing a new system and new data protection regulation, more members than ever will have the opportunity to shape the future direction of our organisation.

To clarify any concerns, no club has been barred from affiliating, no member at an affiliated club barred from voting, and no member barred from being a candidate or delegate, provided the requirements, emailed to chairs and/or members, were met.

As with many other organisations, Labour Students’ democratic processes rely on rules which are equally applied for all, without exceptions. The OMOV elections, run by the Electoral Reform Services, and National Conference will therefore go forward as planned.

There have been instances of clubs attempting to share their entire membership lists with Labour Students. We advise that clubs think carefully about doing this because of the risk of breaching Students’ Union guidelines and/or data protection law.

We look forward to working constructively with all clubs to ensure that our elections run as smoothly as possible going forward. If you have any concerns unanswered in this statement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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