Statement on Labour Students elections, by the National Office 

We are pleased to announce that this academic year’s elections will be run via ‘One Member, One Vote’ (OMOV) administered by the independent Electoral Reform Services. Labour Students National Committee has agreed that the elections of Full Time Officers, Regional Coordinators, Vice Chairs, the National Policy Forum Representative and International Officer will be run via OMOV for the 2018-19 term.


This will involve a new, independent Labour Students membership system on our website, like other Labour affiliates. As outlined in the constitution, membership will be open to all students who share the values of the Labour Party and Labour Students, costing £1/year, and elections will be an OMOV ballot of all Labour Students members at affiliated Labour Clubs. Due to data protection legislation, members will be asked to demonstrate their affiliated club membership on an individual level. 


In due course, our website will launch the membership system, which will be promoted to students and Clubs across the country. So, whether you consider yourself a long-time Labour Students activist or are looking to get involved for the first time, please keep an eye on our social media over the next few days, and make sure you join up!

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