Labour Students National Committee Demands A People’s Vote 

A large number of today’s students could not vote in the 2016 referendum, never consenting to leaving the EU. Those students who did vote overwhelmingly backed Remain, standing up against a Leave campaign built on lies, scaremongering and far-right rhetoric. Now, the truth about Brexit is clear. Britain is facing either a hard-Brexit or no deal at all. The economy, Irish border, rights of EU citizens here, workers’ rights, and the freedom to travel and study abroad all remain at risk.


Recognising that the Leave campaign lied is not to patronise left-behind communities. They are rightly aggrieved, but the solutions don’t require putting jobs at risk or scapegoating immigrants. Instead, we need higher wages and more rights at work, stronger devolution and regional investment, and an end to Tory austerity. That is how to take back control. The EU is not perfect, but it enforces high standards for goods and safeguards vital workers’ rights won by the trade union movement, both of which are now under threat. Leaving the EU won’t end globalisation, but will leave us relying on Trump’s America instead.


We campaign for Labour because it stands for openness, internationalism and working people. Labour also champions the voices of students and young people, as the party’s popularity in university towns demonstrated last June. But we are clear: Brexit is bad for students and it is bad for Britain. We must stand up for our generation’s voice and protect our generation’s future: our job prospects, freedom to travel and outward-looking place in the world.


The Tories’ Brexit deal will fail Labour’s six tests, but only the people, not politicians, can reverse the decision of June 2016. A referendum built on lies, in which so many of us couldn’t vote, must not single-handedly damage the rest of our lives. This is why we are demanding a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

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