Collectivism and solidarity are integral to our movement…


Every voice can be strong when heard collectively. The principle of collectivism is what started the Trade Union movement and was a founding principle of the Labour Party. As students we have an obligation to work together, and stand up in the face of increasing fees, cuts and the removal of grants in education.

This attack on students is why the National Union of Students is vital. Together in NUS we can organise and campaign to get a better deal for students, ensure our voice is heard nationally and get our representatives a seat at the table when decisions are made.

But we don’t just need solidarity across the student movement, we need solidarity across our Labour movement, and to focus on working together.

By joining a Trade Union we can stand shoulder to shoulder with workers across the UK. If you’re a student many unions offer great student rates and loads of benefits to their members. If you work, even part time or during summer, Trade Unions can offer you protection and security in your job.

Trade unions are also communities where you can contribute to the wider Labour movement, as well as attend fantastic events and meet other like-minded people. Join a Trade Union today and get involved!

Ellen Rose Jones
President of NUS Wales
Chair of Welsh Labour Students

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