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Labour Students is the official, autonomous student wing of the Labour Party in the UK. We organise at universities and colleges, in Students’ Unions and the National Union of Students, campaigning for Labour’s values of equality and social justice.


Labour Clubs across the country are the beating heart of our organisation, helping to grow our movement and running campaigns on campuses. They are supported by three full-time elected Officers, who help coordinate between the Labour Party and students on the ground.


We run national events, which offer training, political education and the chance to meet fellow students from across the country! Alongside developing our own policy ideas for the future, we are proud of our reputation as a formidable electoral force: wherever there is an election, there will always be Labour Students campaigning for a Labour victory!


With Clubs in every single region and nation, campaigning for Labour values on campuses and in their communities, together, we are Labour Students.

Why get involved with Labour Students?

Gloria De Piero MP

Gloria De Piero MP

President of Friends of Labour Students

I was once Campaigns & Membership Officer of Labour Students. I was so proud of the difference we can make. The more you put in the more you get out, so don’t hold back. Get involved, stand for positions & enjoy the opportunities Labour Students gives.

Tom Campbell

Tom Campbell

NUS Mature Students Rep- Labour Students NUS Group Leader

The work Labour Students does in the National Union of Students is vital in ensuring that Labour Values are represented in the student movement. The support they give to members like me to stand up and be heard in NUS or in Students' Union elections is invaluable.

Rania Ramli

Rania Ramli

LSE SU Labour - Labour Students BAME Officer

My Labour Students Club has been a home away from home, and a new family to me. Being a Labour Student has allowed me to develop my public speaking skills and my ability to question ideas and engage in debate, as well as constantly challenge my view of the world.

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