Labour Students National Committee stands in solidarity with UCU in their ongoing dispute with UUK. The overwhelming result in favour of strike action is a strong statement against the continuing assault on workers in our academic institutions. Labour Students National Committee believes that we should be rewarding the hard work of our lecturers, and standing with them in solidarity, not cutting their pensions.

Previous cuts to the lecturer’s pension scheme have already seen lecturers’ pensions devalued significantly. This proposed scheme is not just an attack on our lecturers, but an attack on our academic institutions, and the public sector more broadly.

Labour Students National Committee pledges to work within the National Union of Students to ensure the strength and continuation of their long-standing relationship with the UCU. We believe that the National Union of Students must always stand alongside our siblings in the trade union movement in seeking fair pay and working conditions.

We urge our Labour Students clubs across the UK to get in touch with UCU representatives and ask how their club can support the strike action. We recommend students don’t cross a picket line and join their lecturers in solidarity with the first wave of walk outs beginning on the 22nd and 23rd February. For more information on what you can do to help your striking lecturers, please see this joint NUS and UCU statement.

Labour Students National Committee

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