Let’s start with the basics, Labour Students must do more to welcome and empower our trans members. And how do we do that? We start by asking all of our trans members what they want Labour Students to do, from trans representation in our national structures to the campaigns that we run. In order for our caucus’ to be productive and to make real change, we must be able to decide for ourselves the route and methods of our liberation. That’s why I’m launching a consultation for our self-defining trans members on the future of Labour Students, it will be as detailed as possible and it is my mission to do my absolute best by you while we are on the road to a trans officer.

The consultation will be limited in that it will only be able to affect change that is in the bounds of the new Labour Students constitution. However, until self-defining trans members have autonomy in Labour Students, this consultation aims to do everything possible to make our organisation more trans-inclusive. I am sorry that we are far from where we ought to be and as your LGBT+ officer I intend to work hard to ensure that trans members always feel welcome and empowered in Labour Students.

At liberation conference I will work to ensure that trans people are given a platform to talk about the oppression that they face and have a space to self-organise. And I will always listen to the views and concerns of the trans members of my caucus. Over the next few months I’m going to be campaigning on key issues to LGBT+ Labour Students and I want to ensure that any and all campaigns we run do not ignore or side-line the needs or voices of trans students so I will ensure that anything I consider will be put to our caucus.

Rhys Purtill, Labour Students LGBT+ Officer

If you self-define as trans then please fill out the consultation on what you want Labour Students to do by following this link: https://goo.gl/forms/lzD9dEtiDSZhdZlS2.

If you would like a session run on how to liberate your labour club please get in touch with melantha_chittenden@labour.org.uk who will organise a session to be run on your campus by Labour Students liberation officers.

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